Weekly Watch Guide

This is a rough schedule of the City of Taylor's cable cast offerings on the Wow and Comcast municipal cable channels.

TimeMon 3/28Tue 3/29Wed 3/30Thu 3/31Fri 4/1Sat 4/2Sun 4/3
8 AM----------------------------------------State of City-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
8:30 AM------------------------------------------------------------HP Clean up-------------------Smartboot--------------------
9 AM
HP Clean up--------------------
DD: FishingTBA #1
9:30 AM--------------------HP Clean up----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10 AMCouncil MeetingCouncil Meeting

Council Meeting
Council Meeting
Council Meeting
UC&P ShackelfordTBA #1
10:30 AM--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
11 AMDD: FishingWoolley ShowDD: FishingDD: TaylorUC&P ShackelfordUC&P WintonUC&P Shackelford
11:30 AM--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
12 PMDD: TaylorDD: FishingWoolley ShowSalomoneUC&P WintonUC&P BowerUC&P Winton
12:30 PM--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1 PM--------------------
Bunny T&B--------------------
Woolley ShowUC&P Bower
1:30 PM--------------------SmartbootState of CitySmartbootSmartboot----------------------------------------
2PMLL ParadeHP Clean up--------------------
DD: TaylorCOT Inauguration Smartboot
2:30 PM
UC&P Winton----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
TBA #2DD: Taylor-------------------- SmartbootDD: Fishing
3:30 PM HP Clean upTBA #2----------------------------------------
HP Clean up--------------------
4 PM--------------------
UC&P Shackelford--------------------
LLWS ParadeNewsbreak: AXON
4:30 PMDD: Fishing--------------------Newsbreak: AXON--------------------UC&P Bower--------------------LLWS Parade
5 PM--------------------
UC&P WintonTBA #2State of City--------------------
Newsbreak: Aux. Police--------------------
5:30 PMDD: Taylor-------------------------------------------------------------UC&P ShackelfordDD: TaylorDD: Taylor
6 PM--------------------
DD: Taylor-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
6:30 PMCouncil MeetingCouncil MeetingCouncil MeetingCouncil MeetingCouncil MeetingCouncil MeetingCouncil Meeting
7 PMcontinuedHall of Famecontinued
7:30 PMUC&P Shackelford----------------------------------------Woolley ShowTBA #1TBA #1Woolley Show
8 PMcontinued
Woolley Showcontinued
8:30 PMUC&P Winton----------------------------------------UC&P BowerDD: FishingWoolley ShowUC&P Bower
9 PM--------------------
State of City--------------------
9:30 PM--------------------------------------------------------------------------------LLWS Parade----------------------------------------
10 PMState of City--------------------DD: TaylorTBA #2TBA #2SalomoneState of City
10:30 PM--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
11 PM----------------------------------------HP Clean up--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
11:30 PMSmartboot--------------------SmartbootLL ParadeHP Clean up---------------------------------------


  • TBA = Taylor Business Alliance
    • The Taylor Business Alliance was created in early 2022, and consists of a group of business owners within the city that meet to discuss various community growth projects and more.
  • UC&P = Up Close & Personal
    • Up Close & Personal is a biographical interview series with the elected officials of the City of Taylor. The interviews consist of everyone from the mayor, to the council, to the judges.
  • Woolley Show = The Tim Woolley Show
    • The Tim Woolley Show is a monthly program that features our current mayor, Tim Woolley where we discuss the most current happenings within the city.
  • Smartboot = The Smartboot System
    • The Smartboot System was created by The Lockout Co. and was invented to combat the current uprise in school violence. The system is accessible by police officers, administrators and teachers and allows instant communication in the instance of an attack.
  • LLWS Parade = Little League World Series Parade
    • Our very own Taylor North team won the Little League World Series this year and to celebrate their impressive accomplishment, we threw a parade in their honor. Rewatch the festivities from that day right on our channel.
  • LL Parade = Little League Opening Day Parade 2022
    • This year's opening day parade took place on Friday, April 22 and went from the Taylor Rec Center to the Sheridan Pavilion at Heritage Park. It was complete with a food truck park and music inside of the pavilion and of course accompanied by all the teams.
  • Council Meeting = City Council Meeting
    • City Council meetings occur every first and third Tuesday at 6:30 pm. They are always open to the public with in person, broadcasting, and live streaming capabilities. Watch them live on the channel and replaying in case you missed them at various other days and times.
  • DD = Destination Downriver
    • "Destination Downriver" is a monthly podcast created by the Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Typically these podcasts are strictly audio files, but since they were featuring the City of Taylor, we decided to do the show in our studio and add the element of video. In this episode, we talk about what makes Taylor a great place to live and upcoming events and projects. To watch the rest of the series, click here