Victim Information Notification Everyday


The Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) is a free, anonymous, 24-hour, computer-based telephone/email service for victims of crimes. VINELINK gives easy access to prisoner/offender information and to an offender’s custody status changes. If the offender is moved to a new correction facility or released from custody, you will receive a notification from VINE. However, it is recommended that you also follow up with the correctional facility to verify any information you may have located on VINELINK.

Disclaimer: The program is not administered by the Taylor Police Department and we cannot attest to its reliability.

Inmate Information

For inmate information, call 800-770-7657 and follow the prompts. VINELINK will inform the caller if the defendant is still in custody, the bail amount and the name of the correctional facility where the prisoner is being held. Assistance is also available from a live operator.

Notified of Offenders Status

Callers may also choose to register for automated notification via phone when an offender is arrested, released, transferred, escapes or dies. To register, callers enter the phone number at which they may be reached and are then asked for a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The service will automatically call when one of the above events occurs.

Sign Up Online

You also can sign up for the VINE system online, by visiting the VINELINK website and clicking Michigan on the map of the United States. Click on the "search" tab and when you’ve located the inmate you are interested in, click on the "register/details" link to sign up for either a telephone or email notification.


Offenders in the Wayne County Jail, Michigan State prison system and most other County jails are covered by the VINE program. Defendants who have just been arrested and are in the Taylor Police Jail awaiting arraignment are not included in the VINE program until they are transferred over to the Wayne County Jail.