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Category GraphicCitywide News
 2/3/2017 4:00 PM N/A
Category GraphicRecreation - News
 3/24/2016 4:37 PM N/A
Category GraphicParks System - News
 3/24/2016 5:42 PM N/A
Category GraphicGolf System - News
 7/20/2016 4:17 PM N/A
Category GraphicPublic Safety
 3/30/2016 4:40 PM N/A
Category GraphicJunior League World Series
 4/6/2016 1:01 PM N/A
Category Graphic23rd District Court
 4/8/2020 1:50 PM N/A
Category GraphicLibrary Updates
 12/28/2019 12:01 PM N/A
Category GraphicSenior Services
 6/4/2019 12:58 PM N/A
Category GraphicCOVID-19
 3/16/2020 3:29 PM N/A
Item GraphicTeams firming up for 38th annual JLWS
 8/3/2018 3:07 PM N/A
Item GraphicJunior League Baseball World Series set to return to Taylor, Mich., for 38th straight year
 8/3/2018 3:19 PM N/A
Item Graphic2018 JLWS ready to roll after last year's exciting finish
 8/7/2018 3:48 PM N/A
Item GraphicOpening ceremonies kick off at 8 p.m. Saturday, August 11
 8/7/2018 3:50 PM N/A
Item GraphicWill Day 2 hold form after a wild opening slate of games?
 8/13/2018 11:07 AM N/A
Item GraphicTension builds as teams face championship elimination today (August 14)
 8/14/2018 11:03 AM N/A
Item GraphicFour teams eliminated from championship contention on Tuesday
 8/15/2018 11:08 AM N/A
Item GraphicFour teams face must-win games today in JLWS
 8/16/2018 11:42 AM N/A
Item GraphicRain delays starts for today's games at the JLWS (August 16)
 8/16/2018 3:37 PM N/A
Item GraphicWe're down to the Final Four teams in the 2018 JLWS
 8/18/2018 10:23 AM N/A
Item GraphicTexas faces Chinese Taipei for world championship
 8/19/2018 10:53 AM N/A
Item GraphicTexas faces Chinese Taipei for world championship
 8/19/2018 10:56 AM N/A
Item GraphicChinese Taipei wins sixth straight JLWS title, edging Texas, 2-0
 8/20/2018 9:54 AM N/A
Item GraphicSpinning classes are now available at the recreation center
 11/12/2019 10:11 AM N/A
Item GraphicAmerican Public Works Association honors DUWA for successful transfer of system
 12/5/2019 3:49 PM N/A
Item GraphicWayne County announces two intersection projects in Taylor
 12/13/2019 4:33 PM N/A
Item GraphicPlante Moran audit notes several highlights
 12/18/2019 10:56 AM N/A
Item GraphicDTE plans tree trimming program in the community
 1/3/2020 10:45 AM N/A
Item GraphicGood to Great Neighborhood Program 2020 target areas announced
 2/10/2020 10:29 AM N/A
Item GraphicSign up today and get on the permanent absentee ballot application list
 2/10/2020 11:01 AM N/A
Item GraphicDNR confirms that it saw no sign of eagles near Inkster Road construction
 2/20/2020 4:54 PM N/A
Item GraphicMulti-line telephone systems must comply with new laws
 2/21/2020 3:55 PM N/A
Item GraphicDUWA transfer to be honored at statewide level in May
 2/25/2020 2:48 PM N/A
Item GraphicCity to amend business license ordinance
 2/27/2020 4:27 PM N/A
Item GraphicAmerican Legion offers free shuttle to John Dingell VA Medical Center
 3/3/2020 10:13 AM N/A
Item GraphicUnofficial results show Taylor voted for Biden, Trump and DIA millage
 3/11/2020 10:25 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Building Department rental inspections to be delayed
 3/17/2020 12:19 PM N/A
Item GraphicResources for Michigan Small Business Impacted by COVID-19
 3/17/2020 4:38 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Taylor Meijer seeking temporary employees
 3/17/2020 4:39 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Southland Mall reduces hours
 3/17/2020 4:49 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: District court clarifies procedures
 3/17/2020 5:48 PM N/A
Item GraphicSPECIAL BULLETIN: Police and fire chiefs discuss COVID-19 pandemic
 3/19/2020 2:29 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Take simple steps to maintain plumbing systems
 3/19/2020 4:06 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Beaumont continues outreach in many forms
 3/20/2020 10:25 AM N/A
Item GraphicTaylor Police welcomes new "Online Citizens Police Reporting System"
 3/20/2020 4:26 PM N/A
Item GraphicCity continues work on water mains in northwest Taylor
 3/24/2020 11:33 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Taylor steps up to help those in need
 3/27/2020 12:22 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Michigan Small Business Relief Grant available this week
 3/30/2020 10:32 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Taylor first-responders scheduled to receive 1,500 protective face shields
 3/30/2020 2:46 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Michigan reports 1,012 additional cases, 52 more deaths
 3/30/2020 3:27 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19: If you want to donate, do so directly to Beaumont Health
 4/4/2020 12:13 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19: If you want to donate, do so directly to Beaumont Health
 4/6/2020 1:27 PM N/A
Item GraphicBeaumont Health launches nation’s largest serological testing study for COVID-19 antibodies
 4/13/2020 11:46 AM N/A
Item GraphicBeaumont Health launches nation’s largest serological testing study for COVID-19 antibodies
 4/14/2020 9:13 AM N/A
Item GraphicCity approves 2020-21 budget
 4/24/2020 11:46 AM N/A
Item Graphic40th Junior League World Series canceled due to global pandemic
 5/1/2020 10:06 AM N/A
Item GraphicTwo new COVID-19 testing sites opening, including one in Taylor
 5/7/2020 3:25 PM N/A
Item GraphicGood to Great Neighborhood Program kicks off third year May 11
 5/8/2020 3:32 PM N/A
Item Graphic2020 Armed Forces Day special video presentation
 5/15/2020 11:45 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Wayne County's Daily Report for May 28, 2020
 5/28/2020 2:57 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Wayne County's Daily Report for June 1, 2020
 6/1/2020 12:23 PM N/A
Item GraphicEmergency ordinance streamlines outdoor business expansion
 6/8/2020 9:22 AM N/A
Item GraphicLake House Bar & Grille adds new 'loyalty program'
 6/12/2020 11:35 AM N/A
Item GraphicTaylor Community Library reopens curbside service
 6/15/2020 4:27 PM N/A
Item GraphicAnimal shelter reopens licensing program
 7/6/2020 12:31 PM N/A
Item GraphicGood to Great Neighborhood Program moves into three new areas
 7/16/2020 4:39 PM N/A
Item GraphicState begins campaign to increase flu vaccinations this fall
 8/25/2020 4:21 PM N/A
Item GraphicDTE steps up street light improvement program
 8/26/2020 12:37 PM N/A
Item GraphicCity opens Phase 2 of small business relaunch grant program
 9/1/2020 2:42 PM N/A
Item GraphicRecreation Center scheduled to reopen Friday, September 11, with restrictions
 9/9/2020 10:59 AM N/A
Item GraphicPolice seek suspect in shooting
 9/10/2020 2:26 PM N/A
Item Graphic'Gateway' project moves forward along Eureka Road
 9/11/2020 3:09 PM N/A
Item GraphicWith many students are home, railroad safety should be a key topic
 9/17/2020 2:49 PM N/A
Item GraphicCity receives $1.64M in pandemic-related funds from state
 9/22/2020 12:04 PM N/A
Item GraphicTaylor Community Library releases new mobile app
 9/24/2020 10:41 AM N/A
Item GraphicPhased-in reopening of Senior Center begins October 5 with health and safety restrictions
 9/30/2020 11:37 AM N/A
Item GraphicFire Department is ready for Michigan Fire Prevention Week Oct. 4-11
 10/1/2020 11:30 AM N/A
Item GraphicGood to Great Program heads into final neighborhood of 2020
 10/2/2020 3:18 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: MDHHS issues emergency order, reinstating restrictions, after court ruling
 10/6/2020 11:46 AM N/A
Item GraphicWater Department begins 'Cross Connections' program
 10/6/2020 4:30 PM N/A
Item GraphicNew Wayne County order supports COVID-19 restrictions
 10/8/2020 4:05 PM N/A
Item GraphicNew partnership to create unique Holiday experience in Heritage Park
 10/9/2020 4:12 PM N/A
Item GraphicWinterfest will host 'Blizzard of Oz' for eight weekends
 10/28/2020 1:23 PM N/A
Item GraphicTim Keyes joins City's Economic Development Department, focusing on special projects
 10/27/2020 4:19 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Report says state moving into 'active or imminent outbreak' territory
 11/2/2020 11:04 AM N/A
Item GraphicHeritage Park Petting Farm closing for the winter
 11/2/2020 4:02 PM N/A
Item GraphicNearly 30,000 votes cast in November 3 election
 11/4/2020 10:05 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Taylor continues to see heavy spike in confirmed cases
 11/4/2020 5:47 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: U.S. records 91,530 new cases on Election Day as virus surges
 11/5/2020 5:44 PM N/A
Item GraphicCity Hall returns to appointment-only visits
 11/6/2020 10:35 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Governor signs 6 new bills into law
 11/6/2020 4:13 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Pfizer pleased with early analysis of vaccine
 11/9/2020 3:35 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-10 UPDATE: Good news, bad news and the spike continues
 11/10/2020 10:29 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Virus continues dangerous surge
 11/12/2020 4:14 PM N/A
Item GraphicDTE announces more tree trimming in northeast Taylor
 11/12/2020 4:38 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Confirmed cases surpass 1M in U.S. as virus surges out of control
 11/13/2020 10:11 AM N/A
Item GraphicWeatherization grants available for small businesses through SBAM
 11/13/2020 12:34 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: MDHHS tightens restrictions due to 'historic' spikes
 11/16/2020 11:48 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: CVS selected as one of the official vaccine distributors
 11/17/2020 10:04 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: 30 percent of cases have occurred since November 1
 11/18/2020 12:08 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Dr. Fauci attacks 'state-by-state' approach to fighting virus
 11/19/2020 9:22 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Taylor has seen 666 new cases since October 1
 11/20/2020 11:12 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Vaccine maker notes success, as virus continues to spike
 11/23/2020 9:45 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Health officials warn Americans to 'celebrate safely' as spike continues
 11/24/2020 9:28 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Health experts warn against large holiday gatherings
 11/25/2020 2:48 PM N/A
Item GraphicWinterfest 'Blizzard of Oz' is going to the dogs December 3-6
 11/30/2020 2:00 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Governor asks legislature to pass important measures
 11/30/2020 2:21 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Moderna to apply for vaccine authorization as surge continues
 12/1/2020 10:08 AM N/A
Item GraphicPackets available for possible candidates for local elections in 2021
 12/1/2020 11:46 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: States gearing up to distribute coronavirus vaccines
 12/2/2020 12:25 PM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Task force urges dire warnings to states in wake of surge
 12/3/2020 9:49 AM N/A
Item Graphic'TSX Baseball' to be added at Taylor Sportsplex
 12/3/2020 10:03 AM N/A
Item GraphicTreasurer's Office offers easy options to pay winter tax bills
 12/4/2020 10:14 AM N/A
Item GraphicCOVID-19 UPDATE: Nursing homes, workers excited to be first in vaccine line
 12/4/2020 12:49 PM N/A
Item Graphic'Pure Michigan Business Relief Initiative' opens December 15
 12/4/2020 3:57 PM N/A