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1. Can I call 911 on my cell phone and is there a cost involved?
2. Does the 911 call taker know my location?
3. What if I don’t know where I’m at when I call 911?
4. Does the 911 calltaker know my phone number when I call 911 on a cell phone?
5. Why is the 911 calltaker asking me so many questions?
6. While the 911 call taker is speaking to me is help being sent?
7. Why does the dispatcher transfer my call to another agency?
8. Why does the calltaker transfer my call to another person sometimes?
9. What do I do if I’m cut off after they answer?
10. Can I keep driving when I call 911 on a cellular phone?
11. Should I program 911 or turn on my auto 911 feature on my cellular phone?