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District Court

  1. Court: Civil Filings

    Civil filings only. You will be contacted by a court clerk if your filing does not meet proper criteria. Submissions will be filed... More…

  2. Court: Hearing Request - Formal Hearing to Deny Responsibility
  3. Court: Hearing Request - Plea hearing to Admit Responsibility with Explanation
  4. Court: Request for Accommodations
  5. Court: Request to Attend Court by Video Conferencing - ZOOM

    Court users may request to attend their proceeding through video conferencing technology - Zoom.

  6. Request and Notice for Film and Electronic Media Coverage of Court Proceedings
  1. Court: General Questions
  2. Court: Hearing Request - Informal Hearing to Deny Responsibility
  3. Court: Marriage Request

    Marriage request

  4. Court: Request for Adjournment
  5. Court: Request to be Excused From Jury Duty