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Mayor's Office: City of Taylor Commission Application and Questionnaire

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  2. City of Taylor
    23555 Goddard Road, Taylor, MI, 48180
  3. This form is submitted electronically
    Once completed, this form will be submitted to the Mayor's Office . Someone from this department will contact the applicant and follow up on this request.
  4. Please insert name and phone number
  5. Include highest degree of education. (Ex: high school, college, special training, trade, etc.)
  6. Please indicate your current employment status, place of work. If you are a student or retired, please indicate.
  7. (Ex: community memberships, volunteer group, organizations, etc.)
  8. If you have any additional comments related to your experience in a commission or education relevant, please feel free to describe.
  9. City of Taylor Boards, Commissions, and Authorities
    Aging Commission, Beautification Commission, Board of Review, Board of Ethics, Board of Canvassers, Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, Cultural Arts Commission, Compensation Commission, Construction Board of Appeals, Downtown Development Authority, Fire & Police Civic Service, General Employees Retirement Board, Historical Commission, Housing Commission, Library Commission, Local Development Finance Authority, Local Officials Pension & Fringe Benefits, Museum Commission, Police and Fire Retirement Board, Planning Commission, Risk Management Commission, Tax Increment Finance Authority, Water and Sewer Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals.
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