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Planning: Planned Unit Development Review Application

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  2. Planned Unit Development Review Application
    City of Taylor, 23555 Goddard Road, Taylor, MI 48180 Phone: (734)374-1572 Fax:(734) 374-2732
  3. Please see Chapter 22, Planned Unit Developments PUDs, of the City of Taylor Zoning Ordinance for complete submittal and process information.
  4. Instructions:
    When this completed application is filed in conjunction with the subdivision plat, it will serve to initiate processing of the plans in accordance with the review procedures described in the Zoning Ordinance or Subdivision Control Ordinance. Please review those ordinances before submitting this application to assure compliance with the various provisions. Be sure to complete each applicable section of this application. Incomplete applications will delay the review process.
  5. General Information:
  6. Site Location:
  7. Roads
  8. Current Property Owner Information
  9. Development Company Information
  12. Type of Review:
    Legally binding development constraints such as planned unit development agreements, deed restrictions, or court rulings may limit the development capability to be aware of such restrictions. Our review of your proposal is intended to assure compliance with governmental regulations inclusive of any binding legal agreements where the City is signatory.
  14. PUD Master Plan Information Requirements:
    The following data is required to be on the site plan. Applicants should obtain a copy of the PUD checklist utilized by the site plan review committee, as well as review this and any other applicable Ordinances. Nineteen(19) sets of plans for residential development for each submittal, re-submittal and/or revision. The words "preliminary" must not be on site plans or landscape plans.
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