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Citizen Complaint Form

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  2. Taylor Police - Citizen Complaint Form
    Please read the following before completing the attached form:
  3. This form will serve as your written complaint against one or more officers of the Taylor Police Department for their own actions, inactions, attitude or manner of handling a certain situation. This form can also serve as your written complaint against the Police Department in reference to a call and the manner in which the call was handled or in reference to any type of service including response time, or lack of service by any bureau or division. Please be as complete as possible. If an officer’s name or badge number is known please state it in your complaint. If the name or badge number is not known, please describe the officer as fully as possible. State the exact time, date and location of any incident that is involved with the complaint. Please describe your exact complaint. Be specific as to what was said, who said it and what was done or not done by a specific person. Begin your complaint with the time of first contact with the department or officer, such as the time of a telephone call, traffic stop, etc. and explain your complaint all the way through to the end of the incident. State exactly what the problem is or the area of your dissatisfaction. Please be specific as to what you said or any questions that you may have asked and the response given to you. At the end of your complaint, please state what you feel should have been done or what you needed to have done at the time. Also state what you believe could be done to resolve or satisfy your complaint. State what you feel should be done differently to prevent this type of thing from happening again. The department will do its best to investigate and resolve your complaint. We will make this finding known to you upon completion of the total investigation and disposal of the case. Please understand that the department must deal with employee unions much the same as you may have at your workplace. These factors and labor contracts may spell out what can or cannot be done in complaints which directly involve employees. Depending on the nature of the complaint and type of investigation necessary to resolve it, your complaint may be directed to a shift supervisor, bureau supervisor and/or Internal Affairs. You may return this form to the police department upon completion.
  4. Thank You for your cooperation, Taylor Police Department
  5. I swear that all of the allegations I am making are the truth and contain all of the facts as best as I can remember and are in no way false or exaggerated. I will restate the same under oath if so required. I further understand that by making this complaint, an investigation will be made and that I may be called upon again to assist or substantiate certain facts.
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