Invitation For Bid

Below are the Current Invitation's for Bid the City has posted as well as any Addenda, Pre-bid Sign In Sheets, and additional attachments. Please refer to the Bid Description when searching for documents.  The items after the underscore describe what the file contains.

Title Download Size
01-22-15 Coan Lake Seawall 876.79 KB
02-03-16 Lakes of Taylor Flooring 3.32 MB
03-14-2016 Animal Shelter Flooring 63.8 KB
03-15-2016 TSX Automatic Sliding Doors 61.72 KB
03-24-2016 Compost Scale Ramp Replacement 2.68 MB
03-28-2016 Fire First Response Equipment 139.89 KB
03-29-2016 Streetlight Replacement Parts 40.49 KB
04-11-2016 CDBG Recreation Center Signage 1.28 MB
10-15-15 Road Striping 889.42 KB
10-15-2015 Telegraph Banner 253.8 KB
2-22-16 DDA Property Maintenance 950.36 KB
2-22-16 General Property Maintenance 945.82 KB
2-22-16 Junk and Debris 957.27 KB
Building Inspection Services 922.79 KB
CDBG Furnace 57.35 KB
Concrete Street Joint and Crack Seal 881.41 KB
Defined Contribution Plan 238.54 KB
Fire Apparatus 189.17 KB
Fire Apparatus RFP 914.82 KB
Quote DPW LED Sign 54.59 KB
Quote DPW Vehicle Lifts 55.59 KB