Subordination Request

In order to facilitate the processing of a subordination request, we request that you provide the Community Development Department (CDD), with the information identified in the enclosed instructions. Submission of a complete package will assure timely processing of this request.

LINK: Subordination Requirements Document

Upon receipt of the Subordination Packet, CDD's staff will review the documentation and advise you of a decision. If the request meets all the required conditions of acceptance listed in the enclosed information sheet and the participant is in complete compliance with the program regulations, CDD's staff will execute the subordination agreement and return it to you for recording. In the event the request is denied, you will be provided with a written explanation for the denial. Please assure that all information requested in the attached checklist is included in the original submission.

Please be advised that once the subordination agreement has been executed, none of the documents submitted shall be changed without approval. Moreover, the closing agent or Mortgage CANNOT alter the subordination agreement in any fashion. Only a CDD official may make changes to the subordination agreement. If you or your agents make any change to an executed CDD subordination agreement, you will be subject to criminal, civil or administrative sanctions, as well as required to pay any penalties or loss to the government.

Thank you for your help and cooperation. Should you have any questions, contact the Community Development Office.