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Planning Department Applications

Title Download Size
Commercial Reoccupancy (New Business) Application 687.42 KB
Filming Permit 45.73 KB
Letters of Credit Requirements 26.54 KB
PUD Application 86.72 KB
Requests for Zoning Verification/Review Letter 16.06 KB
Rezoning 8.87 KB
Site Plan Review 41.86 KB
Special / Regulated Land Use 31.46 KB
Tree Removal Permit Application 40.44 KB
Zoning Board of Appeals Application 14.63 KB

Assessing Forms

Title Download Size
2013 Personal Property Statement 280.34 KB
2014 Personal Property Statement 281.36 KB
Affidavit for Disabled Veterans Exemption 120.78 KB
Affidavit of Owner of Elilgible Personal Property Claiming Exemption 140.17 KB
Application for Division/Combination of land 10.25 KB
Application to Purchase City Owned Property 5.92 KB
Homeowners Principal Residence Exemption 542.79 KB
Instructions for filing Michigan Tax Tribunal Appeal with Small Claims Division 21.35 KB
Land Division/Combination Application Form 62.06 KB
Mailing Address Change 32.29 KB
Property Transfer Affidavit 190.76 KB
Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption 268.52 KB
Small Claim Petition Form 30.94 KB
Small Claims Petition Form for Multiple Parcels 19.24 KB

City Clerk Forms

Title Download Size
2012 November Ballot - Sample 292.74 KB
Absentee Voter Ballot request 262.27 KB
Blank Petition Form 25.01 KB
Business License Application 24.45 KB
City of Taylor Ethics Ordinance 26.41 KB
Election Inspector Application 7.16 KB
FOIA Form 2.82 KB
Freedom of Information Act Appeal Form 80.33 KB
Freedom of Information Act Fee Waiver Form 87.2 KB
Freedom of Information Act Guidelines and Policy 48.43 KB
Freedom of Information Act Policy Summary 31.84 KB
Freedom of Information Act Request Form 115.25 KB
Handbill Permit Application 7.57 KB
Ice cream vendor application 7.02 KB
Petition to Vacate 13.65 KB
Precinct Map 790.24 KB
Precious Metals Application 20.86 KB
Sample GOP ballot 2016 103.58 KB
Signature Page for Petiton to Vacate 3.65 KB
Solicitor Permit application 67.72 KB