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NOTES: Odds and ends from various departments in the City

There are recent notes from various departments in the City of Taylor:

AID SOUGHT FOR FIRE VICTIMS: Councilwoman Croft coordinating a campaign

City Council Chairwoman Pro Tem Angela Croft is coordinating a campaign to come to the aid of a family recently displaced by a fire.

$1.8M IN SAVINGS: Recent upgrades, refinancing lead to savings through 2034

Recent upgrades to the City of Taylor’s financial outlook have resulted in the refinancing of two major bond issues, the total of which will save the City over $1.8 million dollars between now an

BOARD OF ETHICS: Candidates are sought

The City of Taylor is seeking candidates to serve on the Board of Ethics.

TAYLOR JUNIOR FOOTBALL: Registration for players and cheerleaders is March 21, May 17 and June 14

Registration for football and cheerleading for the 2015 Taylor Junior Football Club season will take place from noon until 3 p.m. March 21, May 17 and June 14.