Citizens Advisory Committee

Chief Mary Sclabassi
CAC Coordinator        
(734) 374-1531

The Taylor Police Citizens' Advisory Committee (CAC)  is comprised of about 30 residents, community leaders, businesspersons, school representatives, and church representatives.  It serves as a sounding board for Department programs and procedures and brings to the Department the concerns of the community. The Committee plays a vital role in the Department’s ability to provide community policing services.

The Committee is aimed at dealing with community input to the crime problems facing Taylor.  Members serve as a resource, information-gathering and advisory body to the Police Department on matters pertaining to safety and the prevention of crime.

We know that citizen participation is fundamental to achieving targeted law enforcement. Involving citizens in the police planning process has many benefits. Committee members learn the limitations--as well as some of the frustrations--that police officers experience in confronting various problems. Citizens also experience first-hand the impact of citizen involvement and cooperation with the police department.

The Taylor Police Department also benefits from the focus provided by the committee. The advisory committee shall assist the Chief of Police to direct the department's efforts in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The Citizens Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Chief of Police regarding issues relevant to police-community relations and crime prevention.  The main goals are to:

  1. Act as liaison between the community and the police department and serve as a sounding board for departmental programs and grant opportunities.
  2. Promote community awareness, understanding and involvement of police programs and services.
  3. Provide an avenue to identify problems and/or issues from the community to the police department and vice versa.

Committee members bring both specific and community-wide concerns to the police department, playing a vital role in providing community policing services.  Each month the Police Department presents a specific crime prevention topic, or discuss concerns requested by the committee members.

The Chief of Police designates command officers to facilitate CAC activities. They clarify any operational limitations of proposals based on department resources. They provide the CAC with a perspective regarding the legal issues governing policing.

Finally, they enunciate the scope of initiatives requested by the CAC, and provide feedback on the ability to reach stated objectives.  Designated command staff present updates on departmental progress, programs and crime statistics.