Coffee with the Mayor heads for Flamingo Restaurant

Taylor Mayor Jeffrey P. Lamarand’s next session of “Coffee with the Mayor” is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, August 10, at Flamingo Restaurant, 22201 Ecorse Road.

The gathering is part of a series of monthly meetings with Mayor Lamarand and his constituents. Taylor residents are invited to an informal setting to learn more about the Mayor’s plans, ask questions of the Mayor and express concerns.

Each session will take place in the early evening hours of the second Tuesday of the month at coffee houses, coney islands and other restaurants throughout the city.

The business establishments have agreed to provide free coffee; some may provide appetizers or snacks. Space may be limited. Several sessions have drawn packed houses.

Here is the schedule through October:
●August 10 – Flamingo Restaurant, 22201 Ecorse Road, 6 p.m.
●September 14 – Taylor’s Kitchen, 7874 Telegraph Road, 6 p.m.
●October 12 – LaHacienda, 20355 Van Born Road, 6 p.m.

Mayor Lamarand said his goal is to take the meetings to the residents rather than the residents having to visit the Mayor’s Office. He said the meetings make it easier for residents to share their concerns while promoting local businesses.

For more information, call the Mayor’s Office at (734) 374-1450.

Taylor, Michigan