Election Info

Public Notice to City of Taylor Voters:  Upcoming election dates - General Election, November 8, 2016.  Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Deadline to register to vote for the upcoming elections:  General Election, Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

NOTE: Please have picture identification at the polls to vote or you must sign an affidavit of identity.For more information please contact the City Clerk's Office or visit www.michigan.gov/vote.

If you have a group interested in registering to vote and would like the clerk to attend an event to assist in registering voters, please contact the Clerk's Office.

Feel free to email the Clerk's Office with any questions you may have. Remember, every vote counts, so please exercise your right to do so.  


1.  YOUR VOTE MATTERS!  Many justify their apathy by saying their vote does not matter, there have been elections decided by one vote!!
2.  Vote to defend your personal social agenda.  Some laws protect or restrict social freedoms, a President may only serve one term, but their Supreme Court selection may be there for a generation.
3.  Vote to protect your health.  With climbing health care costs, our leaders may decide who gets health insurance and at what cost. Vote so you can have a say in what happens!
4.  Vote to secure your safety.  Choose leaders who you feel will protect your life and civil rights.
5.  Vote to keep your money.  Taxes are decided by the Politicians we elect.
6.  Vote for those that fought for your right to vote.  Many people worked hard and sacrificed so you have that right.  It is your duty to exercise it.
7.  Vote for those that have died for your freedom.  Soldiers continue to fight and die in wars.  Your vote decides who the leaders are who make the decision to go to war.
8.  Vote to save the world.  Global warming and environmental issues impact us all.  Stand up for what you believe in by voting.
9.  Vote for the next generation.  Decisions we make today impact our children, grandchildren and all generations that follow.  Make choices that will improve their lives by voting.  It also sets a good example and encourages civil responsibility.  
10.  Last but not least - vote to decide our future.  Together we decide our future, cast your ballot, it doesn't matter if your vote ends up going to the winner or loser - you exercised your right to vote, be proud of it!