The Fish n’ Fun Ecology Center

The Fish n’ Fun

Ecology Center


The Fish n’ Fun Ecology Center was created to bring basic and sound fundamental information to children and families who come to Heritage Park; Taylor, MI for recreational activities.

The Ecology Center was a collaborative effort of four Trade Unions: The Michigan Regional Council of Carpenter, The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades and The United Auto Workers. Their commitment of time, manpower and money made the Center a possibility. Additionally the City of Taylor, Wayne County Community College District, 23rd District Court, Taylor Rotary, the Taylor Conservatory, the Downriver Walleye Federation and other individuals assisted the unions’ efforts. 

The Fish n’ Fun Ecology Center is dedicated to bringing the ecology message to the community in both an educational and fun manner. The exhibit will cover a wide variety of issues from invasive species of the Great Lakes to clean water, rain water retention for your garden and wild life protection and of course fishing.  The displays will be both educational and interactive for children and adults.  We also will conduct on site seminars on a variety of issues related to ecology.  All of the above will be free to the public.

We have not used taxpayer’s dollars to complete this center.  The Ecology Center will become a community resource to be shared and enjoyed by all.