New Junior League World Series tarp box is drawing a crowd

The small building holding the large tarp for World Series Field in Taylor’s Heritage Park may be one of the most photographed sites during the week of the Junior League Baseball World Series.

The tarp box was designed to be useful – it holds the heavy woven nylon plastic tarp when it’s not being used – as well as a welcoming site for the World Series.

Designed and built by World Series and Taylor South Little League Treasurer Tim Witz, the wooden box in right field foul territory has artwork on both sides.

The side facing away from the field includes the World Series logo, a map of the worldwide regions and a Taylor South logo, since the games are hosted by the Little League. The ground in front of the box is landscaped with brick pavers, white stones, small bushes and mulch.

The side facing the field includes a sign saying the field is home to the World Series, a sign indicating the sponsorship by Taylor Ford and three panels with the American flag and other printing. Taylor Ford is one of the World Series’ longest sponsors and funds the opening-ceremony fireworks.

“This is a place people can take a picture in front of,” said Witz, who owns and operates Talan Construction, a union commercial carpentry company in Lincoln Park. “It’s suitable for one player or a whole team or family. We really didn’t have anything like that until now.”

The tarp, which is one year old, had to be stored on the field during games and was hauled by hi-lo into the former Sheridan Community Center for storage during the offseason. The new storage box allows the tarp to remain at the field year-round.

One of the other features is a platform on top of the box that can be used by the ESPN camera crew on hand for the championship game on August 18.

Witz received assistance from Bill Datson, Jeff Pizzo and Greg and Phil Bzura.  All are volunteers with the Taylor South Little League and the World Series. Greg Bzura is World Series director.

MI Custom Signs of Taylor designed, created and installed the artwork. Rene Pare of MI Custom Signs said the new tarp storage facility adds “character” to the World Series complex.

“MI Custom Signs was proud to work with a program that represents our city on a worldwide level,” Pare said.

Witz, who serves on the city of Taylor Planning Commission, has a reputation of making affordable improvements in and around the World Series complex. He has been a Taylor South youth baseball coach since 1979, coaching his sons and now his grandson. He is a member of the Taylor Sports Hall of Fame.

“We bring the world here,” Witz said. “We should make it look as nice as we can.”

Junior League World Series volunteers Bill Datson (left), Tim Witz and Greg Bzura were among those who worked on Witz's
new World Series tarp box at Heritage Park. Rene Pare's MI Custom Signs created the graphics.

Here is the field side of the new World Series Field tarp box at Heritage Park.