New Recycling & Rubbish carts

Taylor residents will be receiving new carts for both rubbish and recycling.  Two 96 gallon carts will be delivered to residents by default.  Smaller, 64 gallon, carts can be requested before March 28, 2011.  If the call is made after the 28th of March the 96 gallon cart will have to be replaced and will occur approximately one month after the start of the new program on April 25th.

Cart comparison:

96 gallon carts are equal to 3 of your older 32 gallon bins.

64 gallon carts are equal to 2 of your older 32 gallon bins.

If you filled three of the 32 gallon bins you may need 96 gallon carts, if you filled two you may need a 64 gallon cart.

To receive a 64 gallon cart, please call the Department of Public Works, 734-374-1373.