The Alliance of Downriver Watersheds hosts is "one-day only" Rain Barrel Sale on Saturday, April 26, at Brownstown Township Hall, 21313 Telegraph Road, Brownstown. The event runs from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

You can pre-order your barrel online by Wednesday, April 23, and pick it up at the event. All pre-orders must be picked up at the sale location on the day of the event.

To pre-order, go to to order. Use the promo code SAVEWATER.

The 85 percent recycled rain station in charcoal is $79 (and $89.99 value). The granite classic edition rain station is $89 (a $99.99 value). Rain barrels have a 65-gallon capacity. A flexfit diverter automatically passes excess water through the downspout to prevent flooding. It features a large lid with a lock feature for safety and a sealed system that keeps out insects, pests and sunlight.

The barrels are durable and offer a unique screen to allow planting on in the lid.

The rain barrels reduce pollution and prevent flooding, save water, energy and money. When heavy rain and snowmelt wash over your yard and pavement, pollutants such as pet waste, fertilizer, pesticides, motor oil and dirt hitch a ride and head for local rivers and streams through the nearest storm drain.

Rain barrels collect rainwater runoff from rooftops and allow you to direct it to gardens and laws. Watering your garden and lawn take up 40 percent of your household water during the summer ... using the rain barrel is free.

For more information, contact Great Lakes Rain Barrel at (248) 477-3242 or email