Parks Photos

 Center  Timberline Park
 Upper Right
 Phoenix Park (located on the south side Eureka Road between Inkster and Beech Daly)
 Lower Right  Howard Noble Park (located at Champaign and Huron streets)
 Upper Left  Boardman Park (located on Wick Road between Banner and Cooper)
 Lower Left  Atlas Park (located on the north side of Ecorse Road, west of Telegraph and directly across from Atlas Oil)

Center  Jaycee Park (located at the western end of Lorne Street, off Pelham, south of I-94; can also be accessed by using Merrick or Harding, north of Pinecrest)
 Upper Right
 Memorial Park (on Pine Street and Clinton, directly behind Taylor City Hall)
 Lower Right  Chelsea Park (located off Chelsea Park Drive and Continental Circle, west of Beech Daly)
 Upper Left  Jaycee Park
 Lower Left  Northwest Park (Off Duncan Street, south of Van Born Road and east of John Daly)