POTHOLE UPDATE: DPW patching crews making progress throughout City

The City of Taylor Department of Public Works Department is making progress patching roadways throughout the community as part of Mayor Rick Sollars' new and aggressive pothole-patching program.

City personnel are currently updating the Taylor Pothole Locator Viewer, and we're proud to note some the following high points:
  • Crews have finished patching Monroe Street from the City's northern-most border down to Bernard Street
  • Pardee Road has been patched from Beverly to Robert, and Robert patched from Pardee to Wick Road. Robert Street was so bad, according to DPW officials, that it took 6 tons of patch to eliminate the problem
  • Cypress and Newcastle streets on the City's northern end have been patched
  • The intersection of Wick Road and Pardee has been patched
  • Koths, between Telegraph Road and Pardee, has been patched
  • Mortenview, from Ecorse on the north all the way down to where it dead ends at Brest, has been patched. Brest and Polk Street were also patched in the area south of Goddard Road
  • Goddard Road has been completed patched all the way across the City
  • The Katherine Street and Dudley areas, south of Goddard, have been completed
  • Superior Parkway, from Telegraph to Pardee, has been patched. Superior was also patched at Allen Road
  • Ziegler at Allen was patched
  • Pardee, from Superior to Eureka Road on the west side of Southland Mall, has been completed
  • Pardee off Telegraph Road and Jean was also completed
  • Gulley off Eureka was patched
  • Beech Daly between Pennsylvania and Northline Road was patched. (Note: Beech Daly between Pennsylvania and Eureka is due to be totally resurfaced, beginning in late April)
  • Leroy has been completed between Beech Daly and Inkster
  • Kerstyn (between Eureka and Leroy) and Hampden (between Eureka and Leroy) have also been completed

This work is part of a new major effort announced by Mayor Sollars on Friday. Given the pothole problems in the City resulting from the record-setting winter weather, Sollars' started a two-week program in an effort to eliminate the community's potholes by transferring personnel to patching crews, increasing the number of crews working and guaranteeing that if residents filed a complaint with the City about pothole, DPW crews would fix it in between 24 and 48 hours. The City is accepting complaints via telephone, email and even on Facebook, where it manages several pages including in the Taylor Community Pothole Pothole Program.

The City has also created a Taylor Pothole Location Viewer linked to the DPW home page, where all of the pothole complaints can be viewed. As those potholes are patched, the color-coded locator pins will change from "red" to "green." Staff is running a little behind in updating the map, but should catch up shortly.

If you see a pothole problem, try to take a photo of it. That aids DPW staffs in prioritizing the problems in the City. Residents can let the City of Taylor know about potholes by calling City Hall (734) 287-6550 or messaging the City of Taylor on Facebook on the following pages: Taylor Community Pothole Program, Taylorcity or Taylor Municipality.