Property, Evidence and Impounded Vechilces

Property and Evidecne

Request for Return Property:  Persons seeking to have property returned to them must complete a request form and then leave it in the locked drop box of the police department lobby.  The form is available at the police department lobby.

Property will only be released to the person who is named by the releasing officer.  The individual must have identification at the time of release.  If the person named is unavailable to pick up their property, they can name an alternate person to pick it up.  That person must have a letter signed and notarized by the owner of the property, authorizing that individual to pick up their property.  That person must also provide proper identification at the time of release.  Property can be obtained from the Property Division by appointment only.  Contact the Property Officer at (734) 374-4061 to schedule an appointment.

Impounded Vehicles:

To claim your vehicle, you must bring proof of ownership (registration or title) and identification to Area Towing, which is located at 16550  Racho  Road, Taylor, MI.  (734) 283-6635.