According to the 2013 Annual Sustainability Report from ReCommunity Recycling, the City of Taylor recycled 3,872 tons.

That broke down in the following ways:
  • Eight jobs were directly created by the effort
  • 15 tons of aluminum (or 1 million aluminum cans) saved enough energy to power a computer for 344 years
  • 172 tons of plastic (or 12 million plastic bottles) were enough to make 2.4 million T-Shirts
  • 1,775 tons of paper (or 354 million sheets) were the equivalent of saving 3.5 million notebooks
  • 542 tons of cardboard (or 3.2 million pizza boxes) were the equivalent of saving 9,216 trees
  • And 614 tons of glass (or 1.8 million glass bottles) were enough to save 3,069 gallons of oil

The environmental impact of the campaign present 11,238 metric tons of CO2-equivalent greenhouses gases -- or the equal of removing 2,058 cars from the road. The effort saved 4,979 cubic yards of landfill space -- or 15,471 garbage carts' worth.

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