Revitalizing Michigan announces launch of website

Celebrating its first anniversary year in business, Revitalizing Michigan, a non-profit organization dedicated to Michigan’s economic recovery, is pleased to announce the launch of

Supporting its mission to restore Michigan's economic vitality, rejuvenate manufacturing and revitalize local commerce, breathes life into the job market by streamlining communication between destined employees and hiring agents. Created to aid Michigan’s residents back into the workforce, is an innovative, effective tool that compliments the professional online resume.

CEO Greg Bernabei said that “From the onset, we wanted to create the world's best online video/audio resume service. Our goal is to provide resumes with a better 'voice' in the job-placement market. This website is ideal for job-seekers who want to differentiate themselves."

With a simple, easy-to-manage video/audio recordable feature, candidates are able to record and upload a live mock interview/resume to showcase their employable strengths. From there, candidates have the option to send their profile, containing their digital files and career highlights, to hiring agents as well as their friends and colleagues.

"It is likewise ideal for reputable hiring agents who are looking for a better way to evaluate candidates, prior to investing time in first-round interviews," Bernabei said. Hiring agents can view state-of-the art profiles of all candidates, hear them, access their uploaded resumes, read their career highlights and contact them if they meet the criteria for the specific position.

Unemployed and underemployed workers can gain social ground in their job search by creating profiles on Webmaster Matthew Trueblood said “College and even high school students can begin networking for their dream career on prior to graduation. In creating the site, we’ve used the latest scripting languages and graphic user interfaces along with recording technologies to produce an highly innovative, friendly job-placement tool for all ages.”

The team includes Bernabei, Taylor native Mike Pizzo, Trueblood, Kevin Linna, Bob McTavish and Kelly Kwiatkowski. Together, the team brings more than a century of experience in engineering management, project management, systems development, online/social media marketing, public relations, website design, programming and development.

Moving forward, marketing plans include melding the website with Internet podcasts, maintaining a strong presence at local job/career fairs, and securing radio and television panel interviews. While may require funding eventually, at this time there is no fee for candidates or hiring agents to use the site to support their ambitious growth plans. Persons in the job market - either searching for a new career or looking for qualified new employees - can register now while it’s still free, at