Rubbish & Recycling program Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a new recycling / rubbish container?
Each household will receive two (2) 96-gallon hinged lid, wheeled containers (carts). The cart with the black lid is for rubbish and the cart with the green lid is for recycling. The carts are designed to be picked up by an automated arm attached to a City of Taylor rubbish or recycling truck. Both carts are property of the City of Taylor and have been coded and registered to your address. If you move, the cart remains with the home.

Can I use my old cans for compost pickup?
Yes, compost pickup will remain the same and standard rubbish cans may be utilized for this service.

Can I lease an extra cart?
Yes, for rubbish carts the cost will be $60/year for 96 gallon and $40/year for 64 gallon. Extra recycling carts will be available at no charge.

What will be the difference between the rubbish and recycling cart?
Both carts will be brown but will have a different color lid. The rubbish cart will have a black lid and the recycle cart lid will be green.

What happens if the cart is broken?
The carts have a ten year warranty, please contact the Customer Service Center for more information.

Can a resident put rubbish in their recycling cart?
No, this will not be allowed or tolerated. The hauler will notify the City if an address is doing so and the address will be issued a violation.

When will my recycling be picked up?
The recycling schedule is available on the DPW Forms page. Your rubbish pickup schedule will stay the same.

Where should I place my carts for rubbish and recycling pickup?
Please place the carts on your easement, behind the curb for pickup. Do not put them in the street. Make sure they are not blocked by parked cars, fire hydrants, trees or utility poles.

How will I place the cart on the easement when there is a large amount of snow?
A spot will need to be cleared for placement. Do not place the cart in the street, it will interfere with snow plowing.

Where should I store my carts?
Please store your carts out of sight, such as behind your house, inside or behind your garage. Keep them out of sight from the front sidewalk, if possible.

Will seniors be able to get these carts to the curb?
The 64 gallon carts are being offered for those who might have more difficulty maneuvering them. The carts have wheels for easy movement.

Will all of my recyclables / rubbish have to fit inside the cart?
All materials to be recycled must be placed inside the cart, even materials that previously had to be placed outside the bins, such as cardboard. All materials to be recycled must fit inside the cart, or they will not be picked up for recycling. Rubbish will need to be placed in plastic garbage bags and then into the cart for pickup. Do not overload the cart. If the lid cannot close, it is too full.

Will I have to call for a special pickup on larger items that do not fit in the cart and will there be a fee associated?
Yes, residents will be required to call for a special pickup of larger items. Fees apply.

Is recycling mandatory?
No, however, it is encouraged to promote environmental and fiscal responsibility. At this time the City must pay to dispose of rubbish at the landfill and will receive a rebate on materials recycled.

What is single-stream recycling?
Single-stream recycling allows all recyclables to be placed into one recycling bin, without separating papers and containers.

Why is single-stream recycling better?
Single-stream recycling is more convenient for customers, and will allow more plastics to be recycled. It diverts more waste from landfills, and is more cost-efficient to collect and process. Helps lower the City’s solid waste disposal costs and enhance curbside appearance.


SPECIAL NOTE: The City of Taylor is no longer participating in the Recycle Perks program. City officials are developing a new program. Visit this website for future updates.