Sheridan's Community Center Renovation Approved

At the Tuesday, May 5 2013 Council Meeting the Sheridan Community Center was approved for re-purposing to make the space a functional and cost efficient open-air facility.  The vision for this project is to create a versatile space, large enough for a wide variety of events that could include, but not be limited to:

Farmers' markets, art shows, car shows, concerts, and any number of cultural events that are often plagued by the uncertainty of our Michigan weather.
The total price tag on this will be approximately $1 million and will be funded through the Taylor Building Authority fund.  There is a fund balance in this designated account and can only be used for building costs (i.e., maintenance, construction, or debt service).
Construction will be in three phases and our hope is that by 2014 the space is accessible to the public.  Renderings of the space are included below: