The Investigative Services Division has initiated a select team of detectives referred to as the "Sex Offender Notification and Registration" (SONAR) Squad.  Those members have been trained in the sex offender registry protocol by the Michigan State Police. 

We, at the Taylor Police, know that the more valid the information on file, the more effective our enforcement efforts become.  We know that following a sex offender's release into the community either from incarceration or as a term of probation, that it is critical for law enforcement to have timely, accurate information on their whereabouts.  As a result, if a sexually violent crime occurs or a child is molested, missing or abducted, information is available to Taylor Police through the sex offender registration program on who may have been present in the area.  It could help to identify a perpetrator and solve the crime.

The SONAR Squad is responsible for monitoring, tracking and documenting the sex offenders registered in the City of Taylor.  SONAR detectives review each offender and make a determination as to whether the offender is compliant or non-compliant with the conditions of his/her registry requirements.

A brief risk-assessment is done by the members of SONAR as to whether a particular offender may need more frequent monitoring.  Our investigators know that a "typical" profile of a sex offender does not exist.  After a contact, detectives are able to update the status of the offender with the State of Michigan.

In Michigan, the registration periods are the months of January, April, July and October.  After each registration period, the SONAR Squad check the registry to confirm a sex offender living or attending school in Taylor is compliant.  If there are any listed violations, they visit the address shown on the registry and follow up with the offender to ensure they are properly observing all legal requirements.

Most importantly, the SONAR Squad visit sex offenders unannounced to verify they are legitimately residing at the registered address.

Anyone wishing to submit tips on a registered sex offender who may not be in compliance can do so by accessing the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry at