SPORTSPLEX SHOOTING: Girl, 7, dies while mother remains hospitalized

A 7-year-old girl died late last night after she and her mother were shot in the parking lot of the Taylor Sportsplex. The mother remains in serious
condition at an area hospital.

Emma Watson Nowling, 7, and her mother, Sharon Elizabeth Watson, 37, both of Belleville, were both shot last night just before 8 p.m. in their vehicle by what appears to be a friend of their family. Timothy Nelson Obeshaw, 57, of Taylor, is believed to have shot the mother and child in
their vehicle as they were preparing to leave the parking lot. Obeshaw then shot himself at the scene. A 9 mm pistol was recovered at the scene.

Emma Watson had been transported to Children’s Hospital of Detroit with life-threatening injuries and later died from the head injuries she sustained.

Witnesses told police that the mother and girl were at the Sportsplex for a regular soccer practice. Obeshaw was seen at the practice and there was what appeared to be friendly interaction between the three at the start of practice. Witnesses said that Obeshaw had attended the girl’s practices and games in the past.

Obeshaw had parked his vehicle at a different location in the parking lot and then confronted Watson and her daughter at their vehicle as they were leaving practice before 8 p.m. A witness said Obeshaw fired gunshots into Watson’s car, striking the child first and then her mother. He then shot and killed himself.

Investigators worked last night trying to establish the relationship between Obeshaw, Watson and Watson’s daughter. Family members said Obeshaw was a friend of the family and had been staying with Watson and her boyfriend at their home in Belleville. Obeshaw recently had
moved into a home in Taylor.

Police still do not have a motive for the shootings, other than witnesses and family members told police that in the past year Obeshaw had started becoming mentally unstable and paranoid. Police found evidence that Obeshaw believed someone was trying to perform mind control on him.

In September of 2015, Obeshaw registered the handgun in his name in Belleville.

Arrangements are currently being made for donations for the family for Emma.