Four suspects were arraigned yesterday (Thursday, January 23) in 23rd District Court on charges of bank robbery and conspiracy to commit bank robbery involving an incident at the TCF Bank, 22226 Ecorse Road, Taylor, on Monday, January 20.

Jordan Robert Doolittle (4/13/1993), Robert Gage Markey (8/6/1995), Zaynab Chaquki Alaouieh (3/7/1990) and Alexander Allie Mallad (6/4/1990) were arrested earlier in the week. 

Taylor Police responded to a 8:53 a.m. call from the TCF Bank location on Monday. The bank supervisor was able to provide valuable information to the TPD dispatch center, which led Cpl. Patrick Raboczkay to spot the suspect's vehicle fleeing the scene.

During a traffic stop, Doolittle and Markey were arrested. An investigation continued, leading to the arrest of Alaouieh and Mallad.