Taylor Fire Department Code of Ethics

Est. 1939

 Service - Honor - Pride

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Taylor Fire Department is to protect lives and property in the community and ascribe to the highest ethical principles in the profession of Fire, Emergency Response and Prevention. We hold the organizational values of the City Of Taylor as the base, which these guiding principles build upon.

In that endeavor, we acknowledge that the citizens hold us personally and professionally to a higher moral and ethical standard because they entrust us with their lives, the lives of their loved ones, their valuables and their property.

Therefore, every member of the Taylor Fire Department shall with due deliberation, live according to the ethical principles consistent with professional conduct and pledge to follow our ethical principles.

Our Guiding Ethical Principles

  • We recognize that our families and government are the reason for our presence
  • We will continually work to deserve the confidence and trust of the community through our attitude, conduct, and accomplishments
  • The public is entitled to our best efforts, as such we will provide professional and courteous service at all times
  • The perceptions of a Firefighter will not be compromised. Honor, loyalty, courage, trust, charity, gallantry and protection will be maintained at all times
  • We will continually seek effectiveness, efficiency, and economy.
  • Accountability and teamwork are indispensable
  • Self-improvement as a firefighter is an obligation for the duration of our careers

We recognize the badge of our office as symbol of public faith based on a sacred trust that we are privileged to wear and possess so long as we are true to the mission of the Fire Service and the values of the Taylor Fire Department.