Taylor Fire Dept. EMS chief helps prepare Little League coaches, umps for emergencies

Think all Little League coaches are created equal when it comes to safety on the field? Taylor Northeast Little League officials and on-field leaders may have a step up on some of their counterparts thanks to a partnership with the Taylor Fire Department.

Prior to the start of the season, 25 representatives of the Little League met with EMS  Chief Bob Tompos, who volunteered to provide a day of safety training at the Midtown Fire Station. The first aid topics included what to do if a player twists an ankle, suffers heat exhaustion, loses a tooth or needs a bandage – and lots of others.

Steve Kirk, in his third year as safety officer at Taylor Northeast and in his 16th year of coaching, said the gathering was the first stepping stone for league members. And he would like to see a second clinic held for the rest of the league officials.

“It went very well,” Kirk said. “I couldn’t ask for a better trainer. Bob tailored it to the possible incidents that can happen for Little Leaguers and umpires.”

Kirk said the league safety officer is responsible for assuring parents that their children are safe and in a safe environment. His goal was to have “one of the best first aid clinics around – and we did that.”

“The whole point was to bring first aid awareness to our coaches and umpires,” he said. “Talking about it and doing it are two different things as most know. I know that first hand from a chain saw accident to my hand to doing CPR to my neighbor across the street. It’s my job to make sure the coaches and umpires know what to do in an emergency. They all know ‘911 first’ and then administrate first aid and CPR if needed.”

Kirk said everyone that left the class had a much better understanding of first aid. The fact that Tompos volunteered his time and the league did not have to pay for the course was a bonus.

“As long as we continue to have people like Bob from the Taylor Fire Department willing to help train people, we’re making the Downriver community a little bit safer,” Kirk said.

Taylor Fire EMS Chief Bob Tompos accepts a plaque from Taylor Northeast Little League Safety Officer Steve Kirk, league
President Don Dukes and participants in Tompos' day of safety training at the Midtown Taylor Fire Station.