What you should know when a heavy snow falls

There are plenty of things that residents should keep in mind when it comes to the hazards of the winter season. Last weekend, the City of Taylor was hit was a heavy dose of snow -- one of the heaviest initial snowfalls in several years.

What should residents expect when a heavy snowfall hits?

In the City of Taylor, Department of Public Works employees are going to work at the first sign of trouble and, as in the case of last weekend, they are going to continue working around the clock. But despite a concentrated, dedicated DPW crew, they are not going to clear every thoroughfare immediately.

During a snowfall, the DPW clears and salts street in the following manner:

  1. Major city streets come first. Depending on the snowfall, the DPW may have to circle back several times to keep major thoroughfares clear and safe.
  2. Bus routes and secondary streets are second on the list.
  3. After the majors and secondary thoroughfares are clear, the crew focuses on residential streets. Where do they start? They pick up on the trash route of that particular day of the week and continue in rotation until all of the streets are clear.

Those are just some of the factors that go into a problematic snowfall or ice storm. If the snow ranges over 4 inches or the ice becomes a real hazard, Mayor Rick Sollars has the ability to declare a snow emergency. If a snow emergency is put into place by the city, parked vehicles need to be off the streets so that DPW plows can do the best job possible. If parked vehicles are not moved off of the streets during a snow emergency, they can be ticketed.

It is also in the interest of the residents of the city to use common sense when it comes to Michigan's heavy snowfalls. If you hear an advanced weather report that is calling for heavy snow on a certain day, don't wait for a snow emergency to be called -- take action yourself. Keep your vehicle off the street and monitor local media outlets and the City's Website for up-to-date information.

If you are plowing your own property, do not plow the snow into the street. Make sure that you are piling snow on your property in a safe manner to keep sightlines open. Plowing snow off of your property and into the street often defeats the purpose of the DPW trucks.

The City of Taylor would like all of its residents to recognize that all of its departments are doing the best that they can do in a bad situation. By keeping some of these issues in mind, we feel that everyone can "weather the storm" when Michigan winters rear their ugly heads.

In addition to the aforementioned information, Wayne County this week unveiled a new app for smart phones and tablet devices. For more on that subject, please click here.

Should you have specific concerns, email Mayor Sollars' office at moffice@ci.taylor.mi.us.