World hope is the focus of special day at New Hope Assembly in Taylor

What began at New Hope Assembly as a response to anger and fear after the terrorists' attack of September 11, 2001, has turned into an annual event at the Taylor church.

The 10th annual "World Hope Sunday" is scheduled for Sunday, September 19, in the church auditorium at 14000 Racho Road between Northline and Eureka roads, just north of the Southland Shopping Center.

“This year’s efforts will bring hundreds of people of various ethnic backgrounds together around the theme 'all generations' with a short multi-media presentation of songs," said the Rev. Philip Nissley, pastor of New Hope.

Guest speakers at 10:30 a.m. will be Josh Payne from Russia and Kevin Barner from Thailand. There will be some light international snacks at six world booths with display items from various countries of the world.

That night, doors will open at 6 o'clock for an international experience with songs, flags, media clips and informative presentation by Mark Renfroe from the Middle East, followed by an international food tastefest with ethnic delicacies from area restaurants and authentic dishes made by people from six regions of the World. This is open to the public with a $5 donation per person collected at the door.

“With the contributions from area restaurants and ethnic people of the metro area preparing food, this has developed into a big international event, bringing people together,” said Pastor Nissley, director of the event.

For more info call (734) 287-HOPE (4673).