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1. How do I make arrangements to rent the banquet facility?
2. What are the business hours for the Senior Center?
3. Where are you located?
4. How does the transportation program work regarding doctor appointments? Dial-a-Ride? Shopping?
5. What types of services and activities are available at the senior center?
6. What is Friends of the Ford Senior Center?
7. Is there a membership fee to join the center?
8. How can I receive the newsletter?
9. How do non-residents sign up for trips?
10. How can I join the senior center?
11. How do I sign up for classes?
12. How can I get help for snow removal and raking leaves?
13. How can I receive liquid nutrition? What do I do if I miss liquid nutrition? How do I sign up to have meals delivered to my home?
14. How do I sign up for congregate lunches at the senior center?
15. What is the center’s snow emergency policy?
16. How can I get bus tickets?
17. What type of payments do you accept?
18. Is there any type of legal services for seniors available?