Grant Management

Grant Management is responsible for strengthening internal controls and enhancing management integrity across the City’s programs; improving management efficiencies by streamlining grants processes and procedures; centralizing grant management activities utilizing GP and other e-Government grant management systems for the purpose of achieving the greatest use and accountability of tax payer funded grant dollars.

City government, as an institution, has multiple partners including citizens, taxpayers, businesses, visitors, employees, and other governments. As a major institutional, economic, and service force in the region, it is important that the City strengthen relationships with its partners by adopting clear and comprehensive financial policies.

Grant funds received by the City of Taylor support important programs and services that the City provides to the community. These funds allow the City to extend pre-existing services, introduce new initiatives, gain technological advances, and subsidize programmatic staffing. Grant funds are dispersed throughout the City and impact a variety of efforts, including homeland security, economic development, social services, public safety, recreation, and infrastructure improvement and maintenance, among others. Because grant funding allows the City to leverage local public funds in order to extend and enhance the services it offers to the community, the impact of grant funding upon the community is significant, with the process of grants administration and management a critical and important function. Furthermore, the financial integrity of the City of Taylor is of utmost importance, and adopting a set of financial policies is a key element to maintain this integrity.

Policy & Procedure Manual (click here)

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