LINK: Mortgage Discharge Request Procedure

The following procedure has been instituted to provide an efficient process for individuals who are requesting a “Discharge of Mortgage” by the City of Taylor.

The Title Company (or other appropriate representative) shall provide to the City of Taylor a copy of the “Title Search” as provided by Wayne County and a written “Discharge Request”.

  1. The Title document & Discharge Request document may be provided to the City in one of the following two manners:


Mail / Hand Deliver:  23555 Goddard Rd., Attn: Community Development, Discharge Request Taylor, MI 48180

  1. The written Discharge of Mortgage request shall match the terms & conditions as set forth on the Title.
  2. The City of Taylor will not deviate from the terms & conditions as documented on the Title.

Upon the City’s receipt of the documents; the appropriate staff member within the Community Development Department shall review the documents, confirm that the provided information is accurate and process for signatures.

The original executed Discharge of Mortgage document will be sent to the requestor utilizing ground U.S. Mail postal service.

1    An electronic copy of the executed Discharge of Mortgage document can be provided upon request.

      2   The request must be made at the same time the documents are provided to the City along with an email address in which the documents are
          to be sent.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the CDBG/NSP/HOME section of the Community Development Office at 734-287-6550.