Advanced Life Support

23345 Goddard
Taylor, MI 48180

Emergency: 911 (Emergencies Only)
Main Office Number: (734) 374-1660
Fax: (734) 374-2742

Battalion Chief Robert Tompos

The primary goal of the EMS Division of the Taylor Fire Department is to supply rapid top level emergency medical care for the Citizens of Taylor Michigan.  This is accomplished through strategic positioning of Emergency Response Equipment and responders at our Main Fire Station and the Satellite Stations on Ecorse and Eureka Roads.

The EMS Division currently deploys three Advanced Life Support Transporting Ambulances with the most updated equipment available to the Paramedic Responder.

Taylor Fire Department EMS Division:
  • 49 Licensed Paramedics including:
  • 11 suppression officers.
  • 6 in administration including: 
  • - Fire Marshall Division (4)
  • - EMS Division (2) including the EMS Battalion Chief.
  • 32 Fire Medics

All Fire Department Personnel carry an EMS License through the State of MI.

BEMT (Basic Emergency Medical Technician)
Trained to render emergency medical care at a basic level.  Includes; introductory anatomy and physiology, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, treatment of Medical and trauma emergencies, patient assessment, initial basic airway management, and use of automated defibrillators.

EMTS (Emergency Medical Technician Specialist)
Having completed all requirements as a Basic EMT, the Specialist is trained to initiate Intravenous access and also provide advanced airway management through intubation.
EMTP (Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic)
Having completed all requirements as a Basic EMT and EMTS, the Paramedic is able to interpret electrocardiogram tracings and administer appropriate emergency medications.   Also they have completed more advanced anatomy and physiology studies and provide advanced assessment for medical and traumatic injuries.  The Paramedic is the highest level of pre-hospital responder.
5 Ambulances licensed as Advanced Life Support Transport Vehicles.
1 Licensed as basic life support transporting vehicle.
  • Currently conduct continuing education programs internally.
  • Responder ride along program is under development for EMS students.