Job-assistance programs available for local residents

The Downriver Community Conference, the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance and the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth sponsor the following programs for people living in the Downriver area. The programs are available at the Southgate Service Center, 15100 Northline Road, Southgate.

Job Assistance

Opportunity awaits!  If you are laid off, are receiving unemployment benefits or are re-entering the workforce, this program provides an array of free services, including job search assistance, career assessment, job search workshops, GED preparation, resume assistance, training opportunities and weekly networking. Call Sue at (734) 362-3433 for more information.

Youth Program

Young people age 17 to 21 who are not attending school, and who meet low-income eligibility requirements, may qualify for the Youth Program. (A parent or legal guardian must provide written permission for 17-year-olds.)

The Youth Program helps participants through the use of tutoring and study skills training, comprehensive guidance and counseling, free GED preparation, free job search assistance, supportive services, leadership development opportunities, free life skills workshops, job shadowing and internships, occupational skills training, adult mentoring, alternative secondary school services and/or follow-up services. Call Sue at (734) 362-3433 for more information.

Displaced Homemaker Program

Divorced or widowed homemakers often find themselves in the situation of having to go to work after taking care of a family at home for some time. In some instances, these homemakers have never worked at all. This program is designed to provide pre-employment services for individuals who are ready to enter or re-enter the labor force after having been a homemaker. Services include free job search assistance, careering counseling, training opportunities, life skills workshops, resume assistance and GED preparation. Contact Barbara at (734) 362-7046 to find out if you are eligible to participate in this program.