Public Notice: Intent to Prepare Master Plan Update

In accordance with Michigan Public Act 110 of 2006 and related amendments, when a city is intending to prepare a master plan update, it must notify by first class mail any city, village and township located within or contiguous to the city and to the county planning commission. The notice must occur in advance of the formal planning process of first public meeting. This same notice must also be sent to any railroad companies or public utility that registers for such a notice with the city. The notice of intent to plan should note that the city is beginning a planning process and encourage and request cooperation and comments from adjacent communities. The following notice has been posted with the City Clerk’s Office in the City of Taylor and at the Taylor Community Library. The notice also is being posted here, on the city’s web site, and also the City of Taylor intranet.


November 29, 2006

In accordance with the requirements of Michigan’s P.A. 1100 of 2006 and related amendments, this is to notify you that the City of Taylor, Michigan, is initiating the process to complete a Master Plan Update for the City.

The City is asking for your cooperation and assistance in this process.  Specifically, we would like to ask for copies of your current Master Plan, or the status of any updating process you may be undertaking, as well as a copy of your current Zoning Ordinance and map.  In addition, we would like to know if you have any thoughts, concerns, or issues you feel should be addressed in this effort that would allow us to work more cooperatively with you in land use planning for our area, especially along border areas.

Later in the process, the City will be sending a draft copy of the Plan for your review and comment, as required by the Act.  At that time we would appreciate your comments regarding the Plan’s content and how you feel it may affect planning efforts in your community.

Taylor thanks you for your cooperation and assistance.  We would also like to take this opportunity to assure you of our cooperation in a similar fashion in any planning efforts you may choose to undertake in the years to come.  Please direct any correspondence or questions to: Megan Etue, Special Projects Manager, 23555 Goddard, Taylor, MI 48180, or by e-mail to

Frederick E. Zorn, Jr., CEcD
Director of Economic & Development Services
City of Taylor