Beautification Council enjoys visit to Taylor

The Beautification Council of Southeastern Michigan met May 23 at the Heritage Park Petting Farm. Members were hosted by the Taylor Beautification Commission.

Visitors received a tour of the Petting Farm and Goodwill Garden in Heritage Park, witnessed the progress on the Taylor Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and walked the wildlife and flower path between the park and Wayne County Community College District’s Downriver Campus on Northline Road.

Don McGhee of Lathrop Village presented an informational talk on the community’s Children’s Garden.

Taylor is a full-fledged member of the Beautification Council of Southeastern Michigan, whose purpose is to:

■Restore, preserve and enhance the beauty of Southeastern Michigan.

■Encourage and assist active participation in all things that pertain to the beautification and improvement of Michigan.

■Discuss, suggest and coordinate anti-litter projects in order to avoid duplication of efforts.

■Promote the dissemination of information concerning activities of members and also pertinent materials and suggestions received from all sources.

■Strengthen the overall efforts of civic improvement in all of Southeastern Michigan.

Members of the Beautification Council of Southeastern Michigan tour the Heritage Park Petting Farm in Taylor.