It’s official: Taylor will host 2008 Junior League World Series

The sites and dates for the eight World Series tournaments in Little League baseball and softball have been approved by the Little League International Board of Directors – and Taylor will host the Junior League World Series of baseball for the 28th straight year.

Stephen D. Keener, president and chief executive officer of Little League Baseball and Softball, said the annual World Series for the best 13- and 14-year-old baseball teams in the world is set for August 10-16 at Heritage Park in Taylor.

The USA and International championship games will take place Friday, August 15, with the world championship game set for Saturday, August 16. The 2007 World Series finale is believed to have been the best attended in tournament history.

Little League Baseball and Softball is the world’s largest organized youth sports program, with more than 2.6 million players and 1 million adult volunteers in every U.S. state and scores of other countries.

The Junior League World Series in Taylor is the “big brother” of the Little League baseball World Series, held annually in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The 62nd Little League World Series will begin Friday, August 15, and end on Sunday, August 24, at Howard J. Lamade Stadium with the world championship for baseball players 11-12 years old. On Saturday, August 23, the USA and International championships will be decided.

The other six World Series dates and sites are Senior League baseball (14-16-year-olds), at Bangor, Maine, August 10-16; Big League baseball (16-18-year-olds), at Easley, South Carolina, July 26-August 2; Little League softball (11-12-year-old girls) at Portland, Oregon, August 7-13; Junior League softball (13-14-year-old girls), at Kirkland, Washington, August 10-16; Senior League softball (14-16-year-old girls), at Lower Sussex, Delaware, August 3-9; and Big League softball (16-18-year-old girls), at Kalamazoo, Michigan, August 11-16.

Last August, all games of the 2007 Little League Baseball World Series were televised on ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC. It was the third consecutive year that all of the World Series tournament games were televised.

In addition, all eight U.S. regional championships were broadcast on ESPN or ESPN2 in 2008. The semifinal and championship games of the Little League Softball World Series, as well as the championship games of the Junior League baseball in Taylor, Senior League baseball, Big League baseball, Junior League softball, Senior League softball and Big League softball also were carried on the ESPN family of networks.

Specific times and dates for all games, including games to be televised, will be announced in June 2008.

Also announced by Keener was the appointment of Patrick W. Wilson as the director of the Little League International Tournament. Wilson, who is Little League’s vice president of operations, succeeds Joseph Losch, who is retiring at the end of this year.