Metal forming and machining company brings new jobs to Taylor

Alken-Ziegler, a well-known Michigan manufacturing company, is bringing more than 100 new jobs to the City of Taylor in a corporate consolidation project.
Rising transportation costs have led the company to formulate a plan for reducing its Kalkaska operation and expanding the Detroit area operation.  Machinery and employee operations will be moved from Kalkaska to Taylor, allowing the company to reduce transportation costs and ensure continued success in Michigan.
The Taylor site development plan includes converting two existing buildings located at 25575 Brest Road and adding an expansion to create one new 92,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility. The buildings are currently owned by Joe Persicone, a well-known developer in the Taylor area.
Alken-Ziegler is a diverse, technologically advanced, metal forming and machining company, recognized nationally as a first-class operation. Gil Ziegler, President and CEO, said the consolidation process will improve operations at Alken-Ziegler in a variety of ways.

“On the supply side, this move saves us time and money. Doing business in Taylor puts us much closer to our primary supply base, cutting both lead times and transportation costs,” Ziegler said. “On the demand side, we’re saving our customers money. Operating in Taylor puts us closer to all of our existing customers. Our new proximity translates to lower logistical costs for them.  Finally, being so near Detroit Metropolitan Airport makes us a convenient stop for professional visitors from our growing numbers of international business partners.”

Taylor Mayor Cameron G. Priebe said the Alken-Ziegler development is a welcome addition to the city, providing new jobs and new business to the community. He added the expansion has significant regional impact.

“The foresight of the leaders at Alken-Ziegler in recognizing the need to locate operations near the center of transportation clearly demonstrates the concept of the Aerotropolis,” Mayor Priebe said.
Aerotropolis is a development plan that would position Wayne County as a prime location for new business development by spawning massive numbers of new jobs, greatly expanding the tax base and establishing the area as an international center of world commerce.
The area designated as Aerotropolis extends from Willow Run Airport to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport along I-94, I-275 and beyond, including large portions of Taylor, like those in and around the Alken-Ziegler site.
The Aerotropolis plan calls for development of regional office centers, industry, technology and entertainment venues on the more than 25,000 acres of undeveloped land located near Detroit Metropolitan Airport.
Alken-Ziegler has now taken the lead in advancing such development.