Cleanup work brings praise from Taylor residents

The demolition of several unsafe, unoccupied and abandoned structures in Taylor is being accomplished by the efforts of two City of Taylor departments: the Office of Economic and Development Services and the Department of Public Works (DPW).

The DPW has done some of the recent demolition work, utilizing its own employees to save the city money. Other demolition jobs are awarded through a city bidding process. Significant eyesores have been removed and the work continues.

“This work is very important to our residents,” said Joseph Nardone, executive director of the Economic and Development Services. “It’s our job to protect the health and welfare of this community."

Most recently, the city worked to demolish an abandoned house on Beech Daly Road near Brest.

“This is the happiest day I have had in several years,” said Jeff Lennon, who lived next door to the abandoned structure. He said he was thrilled to see the old structure torn down.

Nardone said he received similar positive comments from residents living near another abandoned house on Lincoln that was recently razed.

“Cleaning up residential and commercial areas remains a priority,” said Taylor Mayor Cameron G. Priebe. “We will continue our work toward the demolition of vacant, unsafe and deteriorating structures.”

Nardone said his department has been working very closely with the owners of commercial properties to clean up their areas as well. Two large commercial structures taken down over the last two years were the Handy Andy building on Telegraph Road (a building that stood vacant for more than eight years) and the Best Value Inn, commonly known as the Colonial House (a building gutted by fire last year. In addition, a vacant car wash on Goddard Road was recently demolished by DPW crews.

Nardone said the City of Taylor encourages residents to call the code and ordinance division when they see unsafe conditions or violations in their neighborhood. The ordinance officers can be reached at (734) 374-1470 during regular business hours.