Taylor skilled trades workers provide major improvements, cost savings

The Skilled Trades Division of the City of Taylor Department of Public Works (DPW) is comprised of a team of workers who know how get the job done.

Most recently, the talented group completed renovations at Taylor Fire Station 3, located on Eureka Road. The project included repainting the interior, installing new cabinetry and ceilings, renovating the firefighters sleeping quarters and installing new lighting, carpet, heating/cooling ventilation and roofing. By doing the work “in-house,” the City of Taylor saved thousands of dollars.

“This group contributes significantly in cost savings for the city,” said Bob Mach, superintendent of the DPW. “These guys do a great job and never complain about the workload.”

And, the workload is intense. Not only do team members work on special projects like the Fire Station renovation, they are in charge of building maintenance of more than 50 city-owned buildings.

David Copple, Rob Ferris, Dennis Harding and Charley Johnson are the primary skilled trades workers. Copple is an HVAC (Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning) contractor by trade. Ferris is an electrician. Harding is a carpenter and HVAC specialist. And Johnson is a master plumber. By completing major projects in-house, hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance or improvement costs have been saved for the city.

Significant improvements in building maintenance include:

Exterior and interior renovations at the Taylor Community Library.
Numerous renovations at the historical buildings in Heritage Park
Renovations of the former main fire station on Pine Street behind City Hall to include a police crime lab, headquarters for the volunteer Taylor Auxiliary Police and storage area for the City Clerk’s files.
Building a new pump house and repaired aerators at Coan Lake in Heritage Park.
A new roof, exterior painting, duct work and parking lot at the Taylor Recreation Center.
Remodeled pool room and ping pong room at the William D. Ford Senior Activity Center.
Renovations at the Sheridan Community Center, including construction of a new stage.

In addition to progressive improvements, the group processes several hundred work orders each year for HVAC, plumbing, roof and general maintenance repairs of all city-owned buildings.

Pictured in the newly renovated kitchen at Fire Station 3 are the City of Taylor skilled trades team of Dave Copple (left), Rob Ferris, Charlie Johnson, Bob Mach and Dennis Harding.