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Economic Development

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Economic Development

Downtown Development Authority:

In April 1999, the City of Taylor adopted an ordinance to establish a Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to designate Development District boundaries within which the DDA may exercise powers. The Development District is comprised of properties fronting Goddard Road, between Telegraph and Allen Roads. The DDA is governed by a 13-member board appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

The intent of the DDA is to promote economic growth, to correct and prevent deterioration, to increase property tax valuation, and to enhance the physical environment of the Development District.

The DDA prepared a Development Plan designed to enhance the overall image of the corridor by carrying out a series of improvement activities and programs. This will be implemented during the 30-year life of the plan.



Introduction of the INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES TAX EXEMPTIONS (IFT): The attached document is designed to simplify the policies and procedure adopted by the City of Taylor, with regard to establishment of new and expanded industrial facilities under Act 198 of the Public Acts of 1974, as amended.

Act 198, the Plant Rehabilitation and Industrial Development Districts Act, was adopted in the State of Michigan as a means of providing industry a stimulus to create and maintain jobs in the form of significant tax incentives.  It allows new and existing industry facilities to receive exemptions from property tax on the taxable value of new real and personal properties for a maximum period of 12 years.

The responsibility of the City Council for the City of Taylor is to establish industrial development districts and to approve the granting of exemption certificates. The Council must find that the granting of the exemption certificate, when considered together with other certificates previously granted, will not substantially impede the operation of the local government unit or impair the financial soundness of the taxing unit prior to the granting of the certificate.

In an effort to simplify the procedure the City of Taylor assembled an IFT package with step by step checklist to ensure a speedy process.  

IFT checklist 



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