League president tells World Series story to Arizona followers

Rene Salazar has several roles at the Junior League World Series in Taylor.

He is president of the Mountain View Little League in Scottsdale, Arizona. As league administrator, he is making sure the bills are being paid. He also is the father of Michael Salazar, who is playing in the series with the USA Western Regional champions.

And he is serving as a conduit between the team and the folks back home through a Web blog site, www.mvllworldseries.com.

Booking a flight from Arizona to Michigan at short notice wasn’t financially feasible for everyone, so more than 500 individuals have subscribed to the site, which is provided by GoDaddy.com.

Salazar posts game updates, off-field news and even photos. He used to post via text messages, which was more limiting. A blog can be more detailed and get people “more excited,” he said.

“A blog a good avenue to keep people informed,” Salazar said. “I can do real-time updates on what the kids are doing. Anyone can log in and read. They can reply with a post.

“The main purpose is during games I can update it inning by inning what’s going on. Instead of just saying ‘2-2 in the third,’ I can write what happened and who is doing what.”

After the series’ opening ceremonies, Salazar wrote:

“WHAT A NIGHT…. Opening ceremonies tonight was amazing… The parade of teams was truly an event that will be remembered by everyone. There were over 1,000 people in the stands cheering every team. MVLL entered the field first and lined up on first base. Zach Janikis was the USA West representative to participate in the annual first throw. Zach was among the other 9 teams to complete the evening tradition. The event was completed by an awesome fireworks display that set the tone for play tomorrow.”

Before a game, one of the parents who couldn’t make the trip wrote “Good luck boys. I want to see you all on ESPN. Make us proud.”

“People can write back, ‘Don’t forget to brush your teeth, Jimmy,’” Salazar said. “We’re here to have lots of fun.”

Salazar said he is “passionate” about Little League, so he has been involved for many years. Like other coaches, he hopes to make a difference in the lives of players.

“When you can share and help these kids have this experience, that’s more they can contribute to life,” he said. “These kids will be Little League coaches in 15 years.”

-- Dave Gorgon


Rene Salazar (back row, right), president of the Mountain View Little League in Scottsdale, Arizona, is keeping the folks back home informed about the players and coaching staff of the USA Western Region champions.