Why do Police Stop People?

Why do Police Stop People?

Police officers deal with many people for a variety of reasons. However, problems can arise when citizens do not understand how to react. This uncertainty can result in citizens experiencing nervousness, fear, anger and even aggressive behavior. The following guidelines can help educate people in dealing with police officers.

Why Would a Police Officer Want to Question You?

Officers may be responding to a complaint phoned into police or have received a report of some criminal activity.
Your presence might indicate you are a possible witness with valuable information, or an officer may believe you are having trouble or need assistance.
Remember their questions are not accusations, and your cooperative responses can ease any possible conflicts.

What if You Are Stopped by Police on the Street?

Some often think the police are stopping them for no reason at all. Police must consider many things when stopping and questioning someone. Each situation is different, but some factors they consider are:
Officers may have only a brief description of a suspect, which you might resemble.
You might be in an area where a crime has just occurred. Your actions appear to be suspicious (i.e. running from an area where a crime has just been committed) and you act even more strange when you see the police.
Someone may have pointed you out as a suspect.
Your truthful responses will quickly resolve the situation and the officer can move on.