Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I was only stopped for a minor offense, why did two or three other police officers show up?

A:  Officers in the area of a traffic stop routinely stop and check on their fellow officer conducting a motor vehicle stop—it’s for officer safety.

Q:  Why did the officer “sneak up” on the side of my car?

A:  Police officers are trained to minimize their exposure to traffic to keep from getting hit by passing vehicles.  Also, officers don’t know who you area; you may be a wanted felon.  The officer is just being cautious and trying to assess the stop.  Once the officer feels that there is little danger, he/she will show himself/herself.

Q:  Why do officers stay in their car so long?  What are they doing?

A: The officer is “running” or verifying the information you gave him.  National and Statewide computer checks are being processed and that takes a couple of minutes.

Q:  The Police Officer wrote me a ticket and I feel that I didn’t deserve it.  What should I do?

A:  If you don’t agree with a ticket that an officer wrote you, the side of the road is NOT the place to contest it.  Each driver that is issued a ticket has a right to an appeal.  Call the the 23rd District Court to set up a court date.  There you will be given an opportunity to state your case.  Once an officer issues a ticket, he cannot take it back.  The only person that can dismiss a ticket is the magistrate or the judge.