“Carjacking” is the term used when an armed robber steals a car by force while the owner is still with it.  Although, it is a crime of low probability, it does have potentially high consequences. Be mindful of the following situations when in your vehicle:

  • Have your keys in hand when going to your vehicle.  Be alert to your surroundings and check the inside of the car before getting in.
  • Keep your car doors locked and windows rolled up at all times.
  • Stay alert at intersections, gas stations, ATMs, shopping malls, grocery stores—all are opportunities carjackers look for when looking for victims.
  • Always park in well-lighted areas close to your destination.  Do not isolate yourself or your vehicle.
  • If you are confronted by a carjacker with a weapon, do not panic, give up the car with no questions asked.  
  • Someone may try to “Bump-and-Rob” you.  A car, with a driver and a passenger, rear-ends or “bumps” your car in traffic.  The driver or one of the passengers jumps in your car and drives off.
  • If you are “bumped” from behind by another vehicle, look around before you get out.  Check out the car and person who hit you.  If you are unsure, stay in the car and insist on moving to a police station.

Source:  American Crime Prevention Institute