Safe Party Tips

The purpose of this brochure is to impart basic crime and violence prevention techniques for increasing the "safety and security" of individuals attending and/or involved in the hosting or planning of a large party or celebration. The Taylor Police Department is increasingly faced with the problem of policing large parties and celebrations involving hundreds of participants. A large party or celebration should be a "joyous occasion" for everyone involved and a "special event" where lasting memories are made. However, large parties and celebrations occasionally spiral out of control and crime and acts of violence sometimes occur. This crime and violence can be avoided. The following crime and violence prevention tips will help all concerned make parties and celebrations "safe and secure" and more enjoyable for everyone

Crime and Violence Prevention Planning Tips

Be prepared for the unexpected. If you are the host or directly involved in the planning of a large party make sure you contact the Taylor Police Department and inform the TPD Watch Commander regarding the date, time and the number of guests you expect to attend. This will allow police officers working the area to more effectively monitor and patrol the party and to be better prepared to prevent party crime and violence.

  • Make sure guests understand they do not have the right to do anything they want merely because they are on private property. Disturbing the peace is illegal on private as well as public property.
  • Do not allow guests to make unusual amounts of noise or do anything that would disturb the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.
  • Always remember that loud music, fighting, quarreling or offensive behavior all fit into the category of disturbing the peace.
  • Make sure guests understand that standing on a public street or sidewalk under the influence of alcohol is a misdemeanor crime.
  • Always remember that just because one of your guests is standing or sitting near the party location he and/or she is still not exempt from the law which prohibits being drunk in public.
  • Do not allow guests to leave the party location with an open container and/or glass of beer, wine, hard liquor, mixed drink, cocktail or other alcoholic beverage.
  • Always remember that streets and sidewalks in and around the party location are considered public property.
  • Inform guests that police officers must respond to all emergency calls for service. If neighbors complain that the party is too loud and is getting out of control, it is the responsibility of the Taylor police officer to investigate the complaint.
  • Do not allow guests to harass assault or interfere in any way with police officers who are responding to an emergency call to keep the peace at a party that is out of control. It is a misdemeanor for anyone to harass assault or interfere with police officers attempting to perform their legal duties to keep the peace and to enforce the law.
  • Make sure to inform guests that in case something goes wrong and Los Angeles police officers are ordered to the scene of the party, guests must obey police officers and disperse when ordered to do so.
  • Always remember that it is a misdemeanor crime to disobey a lawful order from police officers to disperse when the police officers have declared the party to be an unlawful assembly.
  • Do not allow your party to get out of control.
  • Always remember that planning a party in advance will help you organize activities to keep guests interested and involved. Also remember that large parties and celebrations, especially when they involve very large numbers of young people can turn violent and ugly in a very short time.
  • Make sure to request invited guests to select a member of their group to act as the designated driver for their group. The goal of the designated driver is to encourage one individual to abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages for an outing so that he or she can be responsible for transporting the other members of the group safely.
  • Do not allow guests to use dangerous drugs or marijuana. A firm warning from the host that drug abuse will not be tolerated at the party will prevent serious problems later on.

Source:  American Crime Prevention Institute